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About Karin De Winter
Belgian fine art and documentary photographer specializing in nature, travel, and cultural photography.

I travel to and explore as much of beautiful and interesting locations as I possibly can to document the wonderful life on our planet.

Together with Jo Van Rossem, my partner in life and on the road, I run Winterlight Photography which presents a selection of our work.

Interested in our photos ?

Just drop us a line at www.winterlight.be.
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Keel-billed Toucan Colored Nature Wed Feb 20, '13 03:20PM
Keel-billed Toucan Nature & Wildlife Wed Feb 20, '13 03:11PM
After the Hunt People & Culture Wed Nov 07, '12 04:34PM
The Kitchen Travel & Outdoor Thu Aug 02, '12 01:31PM
The Corridor Namibia Abandoned Thu Aug 02, '12 01:20PM

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Colored Nature
Namibia Abandoned
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Karin De Winter
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