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1.  Navajo Photography Permits - Lessons Learned
© Joe Becker I recently did a series of posts on the American Southwest for my blog. I finished the series with my story of obtaining photography permits from the Navajo Nation. Sometime in the past, I'm not exactly sure when or how, I learned that photo permits are required ...
by Joe Becker on 12/13 06:00PM - Story - 11,204 Hits
2.  Creative B&W Processing
Creative B&W Processing by Guy Tal Fine-art photography is photography that displays the creative vision of the photographer as an artist. While fine-art photography can be either in color or black & white, in today’s digital world, black & white photography is quintessentially art since it comes as a result ...
by Joe Becker on 08/04 10:45AM - Story - 5,681 Hits
3.  Book Review: The Passionate Photographer, Ten Steps Toward Becoming Great
Seattle Night While not written with an eye specifically toward travel photography, following the steps outlined in The Passionate Photographer will help travel photographers improve their craft – both beginners and experienced photographers alike. Steve Simon writes from his many years as a freelance photojournalist, and his book truly brings ...
by Joe Becker on 05/01 12:00AM - Story - 8,489 Hits
4.  Santa Fe: Uniquely Southwestern Without The Red Rocks
Adobe and Cross The American Southwest is a very popular travel photography destination, typically for photos of red rocks and canyons. The most popular destinations include the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon and Arches National Parks, as well as Monument Valley. I’ve been to all of these places (except Monument ...
by Joe Becker on 01/01 12:00AM - Story - 7,017 Hits
5.  An Adventure in Corruption and Recovery
© Joe Becker It was bound to happen sooner or later; after all, I’ve been shooting with a digital camera for over six years. But did it have to happen to my Olympic sunset shots? To make it worse it was my own fault. A corrupt compact flash memory card ...
by Joe Becker on 06/01 12:00AM - Story - 19,607 Hits