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Table of Contents for September 2011

[media:20110911125201124 align:center src:disp border:1 link:1 width:900 height:600 Varvoeiro Beach in Southern Portugal  © Jim Chamberlain]


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The Alluring Algarve

[media:20110911125201124 width:360 src:disp link:1 border:0 align:left Carvoeiro Beach © Jim Chamberlain]

A visit to southern Portugal revealed an area totally different than Lisbon. It is one of beautiful beaches, craggy rock formations, and white washed villages.

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Travels With Tony - It's Not the Horse, It's the Rider

What if I told you that the best camera on the market today is readily available and that it had every bell and whistle you can imagine, complete with easy-to-use controls and menus and a variety of creative shooting modes? What would you say if I told you it was available right now and that you can get it for nothing - zero, zip - it's free? Wouldn't you want one?


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