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Table of Contents for June 2011

The National Cathedral in Washington DC © Walter Rowe
The National Cathedral in Washington DC © Walter Rowe


TPN DC Photo Outing Trip Report

© Walter Rowe
© Walter Rowe

Roger Maki and I first made friends through the Traveler's Photographers Network photo posting forum, on the new TPN 3.0 a few weeks after it launched. Roger had posted a photo of a Richmond battlefield memorial, and I asked him in a comment whether he was a Virginian, expressing an interest in getting together for a joint photo shoot at some mutually agreeable location.

Roger emailed me soon afterward, and it turns out he is a Marylander from the Eastern Shore, actually a couple of hours away from my home in Northern Virginia, USA. His distance from my home was farther than I expected, but such trivial distances are seemingly insignificant to TPNers, as Roger almost immediately agreed to join me for a photo shoot at the famous Great Falls along the Potomac River just outside of Washington, D.C. Great Falls is famous for attracting the elusive blue heron species, due to the excellent fishing that is typically available at the bottom of any waterfall which pushes such a great volume of water through such a narrow strait. Great Falls is known regionally to kayakers as the best rapids within several hundred miles - and is known equally well to herons as the best location for, almost literally, shooting fish in a barrel!

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An Adventure in Corruption and Recovery

© Joe Becker
© Joe Becker

It was bound to happen sooner or later; after all, I’ve been shooting with a digital camera for over six years. But did it have to happen to my Olympic sunset shots? To make it worse it was my own fault. A corrupt compact flash memory card and all those shots of that great sunset were gone in a flash. Or were they?

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