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Challenge Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all Photo Challenges.

  • Open photo challenges are posted in Open Photo Challenges. A link also appears in the Photography menu.
  • All submissions for a given theme must be posted in the respective theme's album.
  • You may submit any number of images per theme, but limit to one post per day in each challenge.
  • Each challenge theme will be open for one month, from the 1st day to the last, and locked thereafter.
  • Any special rules associated with a given theme will be posted in the theme's album description.
  • Challenge entries may come from your archives, but we prefer images taken specifically for the theme.
  • Commentary on equipment and technique used to capture and post process is strongly encouraged.
  • One image from each theme will be chosen as an Editor's Pick and watermarked with a gold ribbon.
  • Challenges are not meant to be contests. They are meant to be fun, inspiration, and educational.
  • The Editor's Pick selected by the site staff is final and will not be debated.
  • Each challenge will be locked at the end of the challenge, but members may continue to comment.
  • All TPN posting guidelines also apply to challenge themes except where otherwise stated.

If you have any suggestions for challenge themes, send a note to [email protected].

Photo Challenge

To enter your photographs in a photo challenge, navigate to that challenge gallery and upload one photograph per day using the Add Media selection from the Options menu. While this is not meant to be a contest, bragging rights are available for anyone who's image is chosen as an Editor's Pick!

TPN Cover Page

The winner of each photo challenge will grace their photograph grace the TPN cover page the following month.


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