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  • Snowflake Diamonds
    Jukka Heinovirta
    Sun Nov 23, '14 12:34PM
    Views 1632
    Keywords beautiful, Beauty In Nature, cold, detail, Finland, frozen, green, Macro, magnification, Matkaniva, nature, nordic countries, north, plant, Scandinavia, seasons, snow, snowflake, weather, winter
  • Old Pile Of Wood
    Jukka Heinovirta
    Sat Aug 10, '13 12:47PM
    Views 1000
    Keywords Finland, Macro, Outdoors, Rural Scene, Scandinavia, abandoned, black and white, detail, forest, forestry, nature, old, pile, pine, rural, rustic, wood, woods
  • Droplet Games 2
    Fri Dec 16, '11 04:23AM
    Views 2471
    Keywords Macro,closeup,rain,water,drops,reflections
  • Droplet Games 1
    Fri Dec 16, '11 03:02AM
    Views 2530
    Keywords drops,nature,rain,macro,closeup
  • Buzzzz
    Thu Jul 07, '11 12:28AM
    Views 2192
    Keywords flower, macro, nature
  • An Australian butterfly
    Fri May 27, '11 06:27AM
    Views 1025
    Keywords butterfly, insect, wings, macro, nature, life, park, leaf, Australia, leaf, branch
  • Micro-Drop
    Fri Nov 26, '10 07:12AM
    Views 1258
    Keywords macro, travel, nature
  • Hint of a flower
    Thu Nov 04, '10 11:03AM
    Views 2099
    Keywords flower, nature, macro
  • Upside Down
    Tue Aug 03, '10 10:10AM
    Views 848
    Keywords flower, summer, drop, water, upside down, plant, nature, macro, closeup, petal, life
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