• Old Cannon And The Patarei Prison
    Sun Oct 09, '16 10:07AM
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    Keywords abandoned, architecture, autumn, Baltic countries, Baltic Sea, brick, building, cannon, clouds, Copy Space, Estonia, gun, harbour, historical, landmark, museum, no people, old, Patarei, prison, rocks, rust, sea, sky, Tallinn, travel, travel destinations
  • Guard Tower At The Patarei Prison
    Thu Oct 06, '16 11:50AM
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    Keywords abandoned, architecture, Baltic countries, building, clouds, cracked, Estonia, guard tower, historical, landmark, museum, old, Patarei, prison, sky, steps, Tallinn, tower, travel, travel destinations, wall, windows, wires
  • Prison Gate At Patarei
    Thu Oct 06, '16 11:49AM
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    Keywords abandoned, architecture, autumn, Baltic countries, branches, brick, bridge, building, clouds, Estonia, gate, historical, landmark, museum, old, Patarei, path, prison, sky, Tallinn, travel, travel destinations, wall, window
  • Gate On The Wall
    Jukka Heinovirta
    Wed Apr 13, '16 09:39AM
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    Keywords arch, Baltic countries, brick, Estonia, Europe, gate, historical, lantern, light, medieval, old, Tallinn, travel, travel destinations, wall
  • Old Castle Tower.jpg
    Jukka Heinovirta
    Sat Nov 16, '13 04:20PM
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    Keywords Andalusia, Europe, Spain, Travel Destinations, ancient, brick, castle, historical, landmark, medieval, mediterranean, ruin, sky, stone, tower, travel, travel locations, travel photo, wall, ,
  • Old Stone Bridge
    Jukka Heinovirta
    Sun Jun 09, '13 11:28AM
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    Keywords Beauty In Nature, Day, Finland, Matkaniva, Outdoors, Rural Scene, Scandinavia, black and white, bridge, country, countryside, historical, history, idyllic, nature, old, past, pole, rail, retro, road, rural, rustic, scenery, scenic, stone, summer, travel,
  • The Monument
    Wed Mar 14, '12 09:46PM
    Views 3220
    Keywords The historical Safdarjung Tomb at New Delhi, India
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