• Autumn Night In Nomme
    Jukka Heinovirta
    Tue Sep 06, '16 08:39PM
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    Keywords alley, autumn, Copy Space, Estonia, fence, lamp post, leading lines, leaves, light, low angle, low light, nature, night, no people, Nömme, old, reflection, street, Tallinn, travel, trees, wooden
  • Tree On The Other Side Of The Bridge
    Jukka Heinovirta
    Sat Mar 14, '15 08:50PM
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    Keywords bridge, buildings, city, Europe, Finland, idyllic, Jyväskylä, low angle, low light, nature, night, night lights, nighttime, Outdoors, rail, Scandinavia, scenic, town, travel, Travel Destinations, trees, windows, winter
  • Halloween Quartet
    Sat Nov 01, '14 04:37PM
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    Keywords candle, cold, eyes, festival, Finland, frost, ghost, Halloween, idyllic, lantern, light, long exposure, low angle, low light, monster, mouth, night, orange, pumpkin, scenic, seasons, smile, smiley, spooky
  • The Long And Not At All Winding Road
    Sat Aug 10, '13 12:52PM
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    Keywords gravel, road, straight, countryside, forest, woods, way, horizon, ground level, low angle, rural
  • Four Crosses On Top Of A Church
    Jukka Heinovirta
    Sun Aug 04, '13 11:23AM
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    Keywords Finland, Outdoors, Pulkkila, Scandinavia, antique, building, church, clouds, cross, idyllic, old, religious, roof, rural, scenic, shrine, sky, temple, tower, travel, triangle, wooden
  • One Missing
    Sun Jun 09, '13 12:04PM
    Views 3209
    Keywords barn, barnhouse, rural, black and white, wooden building, agriculture, old, retro, light, backlight, triangle
  • Anglers on a Foggy, Rainy Lake
    Fri Sep 23, '11 08:02AM
    Views 7419
    Keywords fog, angler, fishing, lake, rain, autumn, morning, maryland, triadelphia, reservoir, brookeville
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