The Long and Winding Road
I was driving back to the hotel in Kauai from Kalalau Lookout and Waimea Canyon when I took a peek in the side mirror back at the road for some reason. I slammed on the brakes (scared my wife) and opened the door and shot basically near the top of the road looking back. Luckily no traffic! Then...a little selective coloring using Silver Efx Pro to do the dirty work.

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Mon Jan 21, '13 06:51AM
Uploaded By: Richard P Schoettger  


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Media ID 20130202081147678  
Date Mon Jan 21, '13 06:51AM
Comments 5
Views 1340
Uploaded By Richard P Schoettger
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Very nice treatment of this subject; quite creative.

Hi Richard, stunning shot and editing. Just wandering if there is anything that can be done to balance the top and the bottom parts of the picture in terms of light: I quite like the dak treatment of the bottom part, and there is great deatil in the shadows, but its a tad too light on top (but that could be my monitor that is playing tricks on me). I love the curve of the road disappearing and emerging again. Also, I really like the enhaced yeallow lines starting and ending just of the center of the photo.

Well I have never been to Hawaii, but I am certainy familiar with imagery from there. And I would never have guessed that this was Kauaii!

It's always compelling when talented photographers can abstract a scene and take it out of context so effortlessly, isolating a point of interest without compromising the spirit of a place. This gives me a new sense of Kauaii which I certainly have never gotten elsewhere. Thanks Richard!

 I can see why you slammed on the brakes  WOW

Excelent shot and the dark foreground is perfect Wink