Aguas Calientes
A look at the Altiplanos of the Andes, where there are all sorts of otherworldly landscapes rich in color from mineral composition and geothermal activity.

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Wed Jul 14, '10 09:52AM
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Media ID 20130111172333925  
Date Wed Jul 14, '10 09:52AM
Comments 3
Views 1185
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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You can never go wrong with a 'Z' in a landscape. Be it a road or a river. I am always on the lookout for Zs. Love the bright colours, such a stark contrast with conditions in Bacup at the moment.

So rich and full of vibrant textures....wonderful.   Sounds like such a dramatic place and you captured that barren, other-world feeling...almost a Mars effect.  Nice.......except for the water of course...but you never know!

Excellent color and great near-far composition with maximum depth-of-field.  I'm jealous.