Spitsbergen Moonrise
Norwegian High Arctic

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Fri Nov 23, '12 06:30PM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 20121124002148201  
Date Fri Nov 23, '12 06:30PM
Comments 4
Views 1590
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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 What makes this work for me is the simplicity and really graphical nature of the photograph.   A great example of night photography.

Like a big pizza pie...that moon really hits the eye wonderfully.   Great image and I notice you cropped it down and works perfectly.    This really as an alien planet feel to it.   I wanna go there!  

Thanks Rob and Richard! This is actually still a daylight photo, with the black sky a result of cloudless conditions and a targeted B&W conversion. The sun was setting behind me and shining laterally on the upper mountainsides, but as this was taken so deep into the Arctic (the farthest north I've been, 78 degrees N latitude) it was well past 9 p.m. when I shot this. By that hour the nearly full moon was quite high in the sky already, but I was composing upward and had wide open (though steep) terrain to range around in until the moon's placement was what I wanted. A 400mm lens handled the compression well enough, though I'd still love to have a tad more clarity on the mountainsides.

Very nice!  Great exposure, good tonal range, and pleasing composition.