Shabby Chic?
Abstract of doorways and windows near Hamilton, Bermuda. I would say Bermuda is a first-world nation with lots of second-world touches, such as peeling paint and warping wood as seen here. I guess the occasional hurricane can't be helpful...but most of the time it just looks like lots of little construction projects got started slowly and then tapered off.

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Sun Jan 01, '06 09:28AM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 20121123204012365  
Date Sun Jan 01, '06 09:28AM
Comments 3
Views 1234
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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 The more I look at this shot the more I love it : its "puzzle" feel, the juxtaposition of shapes and colors, of old white paint and new (well...) green & red paint, the reflection in the window giving a hint of context and the missing board in the door making you want to take a peek inside... Very nice !

Well placed and effective use of the colors with the crustiness of the wood.  Only commnet  I would make is that I wanted to see the bottom of the one door....but trivial.  

Thanks Alice - kind words are always appreciated ;-) Especially with your well-known eye for composition and detail!

Richard, I do share your sense of this image being somehow incomplete without the expected doorstep at bottom left. Jen tells me this omission makes the image more interesting by restraint, though I'm not so sure. Doesn't matter though because the truth is, the doorstep featured too much erosion from dry rot to capture what I wanted!