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So here is my daughter Zoe last summer at Washington, D.C.'s Natural History Museum, standing in front of a display of a giraffe drinking water. She was not aware of the fabulous juxtaposition (she is chewing her hair distractedly) so I couldn't refuse the photograph!

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Sun Dec 05, '10 10:52AM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 20121117233212858  
Date Sun Dec 05, '10 10:52AM
Comments 3
Views 1098
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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Very nice. It looks like he's sneaking right up behind her.


 I remember that age  so cute Smile

I believe the giraffe is bowing down to a princess.  Two things that are amazing, the giraffe can bend down like that and two...the precious look on your daughter.   I like the skirt too....ok, is that because she came from dancing lessons or is this common attire nowadays???  I am so hopelessly out of touch.