Sand Painting on Pentecost Island, Vanuatu
Each of the 80 or so islands of Vanuatu have different languages, customs and arts. While there is some wood carving on a few of the islands most art is music, stories and on Pentecost, Sand Painting.

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Mon Sep 24, '12 12:07AM
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Hi James, welcome to TPN! Don't think I've seen you here before - great first post!

I've never been closer to Vanuatu than I guess Fiji, so I'm fairly ignorant of their ways. Why is Pentacost a big deal there and what's up with these Celtic-like tracings???

It's really great to have this influence here, thank you for posting and please do reply if you can.

Hi James and welcome.  Great to see something from this fascinating country.  I was there in the 90's and have not retained my images from the trip (film), but this is a great capture.   Did you see more of the islands too?  Do you have a favorite?  Thanks for posting and looking forward to seeing more!

 Welcome James.

I like the angle you chose here giving some great detail

Thank you!

I love Vanuatu and over the past 2 years have spent more than 6 months there and will return again next April.  I have lots of favorite photos from Vanuatu and will post more.  If I don't post or answer it's because I live and travel on a sailboat so often do not have internet.

We have spent most time on the southern island of Tanna, one of the most remote islands (and least affected by missionaries...they ate the ones who came.) The villages still have no electricity, often no running water and they live much as they have for hundreds of years.....and they are the nicest people I have ever met.

Each of the islands (there are about 80) are known for different things.  Ambrym is the home of black magic and beautiful wood carvings. Pentecost is the home of land diving (the first bungee jumping) and sand painting.

We have only visited 7 of the isalnds so we will return again next year.