The Mourne Wall
This wall encloses a reservoir's catchment area in the Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland. Built between 1904 and 1922, it is about 22 miles long and runs along 15 different mountains. Every year you can participate to the "Mourne challenge": one day to hike (more like run...) along the whole length of the wall, passing over the fifteen summit (from 332 to 747m / 2451 ft high) and usually having to face the lovely Irish weather conditions (yes yes, June is no better than the rest of the year). But what an amazing place !

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Sat Jun 23, '12 09:39AM
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Media ID 20121113050057228  
Date Sat Jun 23, '12 09:39AM
Comments 5
Views 1640
Uploaded By Alice Kabanoff
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Never heard of this before, Alice, thanks for sharing the story here. Great Wall of Ireland perhaps? Great or not it is very photogenic and pretty cool to boot!

Love to learn about these new places and I have never heard of either.   The landscape matches the weather...worn and beaten.   Very nice capture of the wall and its tail up to the mountain.   I wonder if people would try to hike/run along the top of the wall?  :-) 

 Considering the strength of the wind blowing in these parts, I wouldn't recommend running ON the wall haha ! Some segments even collapsed because of it. 

 Great shot with the wall dissapearing in the distance

 Aaaah, another new location for me!  I am back over in Norn Iron this spring for a wedding ;-)  


Love how the wall leads the eyes up into the hills and through the frame, it is a shame that the lighting isn't more dramatic - but the weather in Ireland is not the easiest to manage to your advantage ;-)