The man who knew it all
A father of 8, this man spends his days on River Ganges (Varanasi). His endless stories of ghats' history were interupted by occasional slip into unconsious world (he wasn't intimedated by us two and took the sustance right there on the boat. It did cross my mind to jump the boats at one point!!). But once back - he was most entertaining story teller regradless if it was true or not.

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Mon Nov 21, '11 05:23AM
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Media ID 20121110071929624  
Date Mon Nov 21, '11 05:23AM
Comments 2
Views 1045
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This is fascinating, Vita. First it is a great photo, very well composed, with both action and a little drama plus great perspeective.

Then there is your tale to go with it. What was the drug of choice by this boatman? Interesting that he would pass out on duty, then come to and spring back to work. So much is going on here! (But that's India!)

There are some images, Vita, that instantly take me back to those wonderful moments I have experienced, and this one was certainly one of them.  The color and light are excellent, which also triggers the smells too.  You did a great job with positioning him in the boat with the shore line in the back.  Wonderful story I just started reading The Life of Pi.   I love it...thanks for posting.