Hancock Building, Chicago
This is only the fourth largest building in Chicago, but I still got dizzy looking up at it from the ground. It's situated a few miles away from the Loop where Chicago's other skyscrapers congregate, so it stands out in its location. The diffuse evening glow made me pull the trigger on this.

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Fri Apr 30, '10 04:23PM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 20121105184313149  
Date Fri Apr 30, '10 04:23PM
Comments 4
Views 1302
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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 Cool shot ! 

Somehow full of anxiety with the light and the spooky tree. 

All the lines in this composition work together very well; above that the tones make the photo a complete winner ! Best regards, Karin.

Fine Art & Documentary Travel, Nature and Cultural Photographer

Thanks Alice! I had not thought of that emotion before on this photo but I really appreciate your observation - I can see what you mean. Thank you for adding this element to my own thoughts about the image.

And thank you Karin for the very kind compliment. I do enjoy the disparate elements coming together here but it is quite a pleasure to hear you call the image "complete" especially considering your own curriculum vitae. Best regards!

Excellent composition looking through the winter trees with the lines shooting skyward.  What I really like about this as well is the lights on the first two floors laying a foundation for the building.  Gives it an extra pop that is quite pleasing.   It hurts my neck to look up....great shot!