luxury and adventure, coming out of the sea mist
I saw this tall ship in Venice and then a day later it arrived in Rovinj in Croatia, I was patiently waiting for it to get closer when I noticed they were starting to furl the sails, luxury in the Adriatic

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Sun Sep 30, '12 07:28AM
Uploaded By: Andrew Brown  


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Media ID 20121103022419244  
Date Sun Sep 30, '12 07:28AM
Comments 3
Views 1081
Uploaded By Andrew Brown
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Beautiful boat and image Andrew and great to see you back in the action again.   I love the light and color...would even think of a mono too, but this suffices quite well.   My only little is going uphill a little it appears to me...a little straightening maybe based on the horizon.   But that is reallllllly knit-picking and appreciate the view!  

 This is quite a sight ! I actually like the half furled sails, it takes us right into the action and the structure of the masts is more visible like that. I would agree with Richard and try it in B&W, even though I really like the bright blue of the hull and the moody grey of the sky. 

Andrew, great photo! This is pretty magical. I've only seen this type of seacraft once with my own eyes and they are so captivating. I love the grey sky and how it sets off the white sails - really adds a dramatic boost to the compelling aura of this image.