Fog descending on the valley
Taken while trekking in the Annapurna region in Nepal. In the matter of minutes we were swept by a heavy fog and couldn't see more than 4 feet away, not the best conditions to be hiking near a ridge with a few hundred meters drop... Not totally satisfied with the threatment but here goes anyway

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Sat Apr 24, '04 02:37AM
Uploaded By: Alice Kabanoff  


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Media ID 20121030074913574  
Date Sat Apr 24, '04 02:37AM
Comments 4
Views 1044
Uploaded By Alice Kabanoff
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Very exotic and very dramatic, Alice! I bet the cloudscape changes constantly in the Annapurna environs and no doubt all of the landscape is as rugged as this. It's quite an arresting image you've made here, very evocative. I appreciate the glimpse into a place I hope to visit someday.

A lovely image here Alice, and as Patrick has already mentioned, on my bucket list.... and that you managed to get the image before the fog totally descended is great

Mono was made for fog and a great job capturing this.  I love the lines coming to a V along with the well placed tree in the lower right.  Wonderful.  As with the other two gentlemen here...would love to go there too!   Thanks!

I like the composition here, but I would also like to see the image just a tad brighter to bring out just the slightest detail in the foreground shadows, and have a little more whiteness to the fog.