Thatched Cottage
Isle of White

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Wed May 23, '12 09:53AM
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Media ID 2012092207054429  
Date Wed May 23, '12 09:53AM
Comments 3
Views 1436
Uploaded By unknown
Aperture Value f//5.6
Date/Time Wed May 23, '12 09:53AM
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ISO 200
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This is my first look ever at Isle of White! Thanks for sharing, looks very lovely.

A quick web search strongly suggested "Isle of Wight" off southern England - is that where this is?

Yes, Isle of White is of the coast of south England and its natural beauty is breathtaking: jurasic-like white cliff coast, roling hills and very picturesque thached cottage villages. If you are ever in England its well worth visiting it for a day or two. And, thank you for all your comments: as a newbe to a photography world I really do appreciate them (and be brutal if you have to as this is the only way I am going to learn).

Nice color. I would suggest a slight rotation to straighten the verticals on the cottage. The flowers will do fine at an angle.