My friend's daughter celebrated her first birthday on a beautifully clear day and I was there with my camera. This shot is of a setting sun on her face with the clear blue sky beyond.

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Thu Nov 11, '10 12:33PM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 20120918202509272  
Date Thu Nov 11, '10 12:33PM
Comments 7
Views 981
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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Self portrait? LOL. I would clean up the skin blotches in the nearest cheek. The black & white presentation is nice. The sunset lighting is beautiful. The background sky is perfectly positioned to be very complimentary. Not sure how I feel about the nearest shoulder being slightly out of focus. The expression is certainly intense .. concentrating on something.

Hi Walter - since were both online at the same time, I decided to address both the editing issues you mentioned and repost with sharper shoulder and smoother cheek. But I can't do that now?? And also I don't know how to embed my own photo into my comment (either approach would work for me).

I am used to having an "Edit" button available on my own images, where I change the image title, caption, or even the image itself. Is that gone now?

Thanks for the image feedback, I think it improved my OP a good bit.

I don't recall ever being able to "replace" an image. A couple of days ago I did make an update to the site, but didn't think it would affect your ability to edit an image. Is there no "Edit" link in the grey box below the image?


[ UPDATE ] I just fixed the missing "Edit" button.

Edited on Tuesday, September 18 2012 @ 10:06 PM EDT by Walter

Walter - thanks for the support. I have replaced the old file with the edited one, though so far the old one still shows up. I assume it will take awhile for the image to refresh through the database.

Meanwhile the image was promoted to "most recent post" (i.e., first on the Recent Photo Critiques forum), which I've seen happen before.

Thanks for the advice, the shoulder is sharper and the cheek is smoother now! Hopefully that shows up here soon.


Probably not the site. Probably your browser cache. Looks great on my end.

The detail in her soft face is excellent and you captured the thought very well.  Very well composed lighting and shade too on the mono with the soft sky backdrop.   In line with what Walter stated, it appears you patched up the lower left a little?  If you perhaps did a 11x14 (or something close) portrait mode around her face to cut off the lower left....what would that be like?  Not sure....because the sky is attractive and would not want to cut much off.   

The more times I revisit this the more OK I am with the blurred shoulder and arm. The black & white with the bur looks vintage, like my Dad would have taken back in the 1960's.