Cruising the Sepik
In our trip to Papua New Guinea, we spent 2 days on the Sepik River in style....on a local canoe hollowed out of a large tree. The Sepik is quite wide with thick vegetation and huts scattered about and is the main method of travel with the locals. We sat on the floor of the canoe with little room for over 3 hours on this trip...but I could have been at work instead!

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Sun Aug 05, '12 05:10PM
Uploaded By: Richard P Schoettger  


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Media ID 20120904053516702  
Date Sun Aug 05, '12 05:10PM
Comments 3
Views 1286
Uploaded By Richard P Schoettger
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It sure looks to have been a great trip, New Guinea is an area of the world I've never had the pleasure to tour.  I like the colors, the reflection of the sky and a perspective that makes the river appear to go on forever.  Hope to see more from this trip.

I agree with John. Spectacular sky, wonderful perspective. I like the wide pan-like presentation. Really conveys that sense of expansiveness and shows off the thick vegetation on the banks of the river. And yes, you could have been at work :-)

Beautiful, Richard. Gorgeous conditions in an alluring setting of remote wilderness. This is what you want from travel photography!

Seeing as you had the 24mm on, I would love to see what leaning forward and making the boat FG (pineapples, bananas, people) more prominent would have done. This may have required a vertical orientation but if done carefully it could cost only some featureless river and treeline while keeping that glorious sky.