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Shot this in Lorton, Virginia (USA) a few years ago, and actually stalked this scene for several years in advance. I have a LOT of photos from this shoot and love them all! Here's one...

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Sat Feb 03, '07 09:28AM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 20120830235727516  
Date Sat Feb 03, '07 09:28AM
Comments 5
Views 1328
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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I like this! The graphic simplicity is what draws me to this shot. At first I thought it was B&W until I noticed the yellow handrail. The shadows add greatly to the interest. I guess that's why you had to 'stalk' this shot, to get the right shadows? I did not have the luxury of being able to go back (yet) for my attempt at this:

I simply love this.  The yellow and black railing fully grace the image and I am glad you did not make this a mono.  There is nothing not to like here as it is composed very well, shadows and lines are very effective and the background sky color is effective too.   I would never climb this though!   I could see hanging this on a canvas...but a good canvas.

Thank you so much Ruud and Richard! I'm very glad you like this. The grey background is actually another huge tank in shadow, as this tank farm holds about a dozen tanks and this image was a long lens shot that stacked up components. Thanks for pointing out the yelow railing, that really was the only aspect that separates this from a B&W - and honestly after a lot of experimentation, I really prefer to have that single element distinguishing things.

 Great Graphics  good crop 

Like the touch of color as well 

This is when architectural abstract photography comes to perfection: it really does not get better then this ! Congrats on this one ! Best regards, Karin.

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