Kingman or Winona?
I picked this one up a few years back and decided to play with it. I haven't been happy with the comp, the middle horizon and so much sky. Just one of those that the objects didn't want to come together very well. Found along Route 66 near Hackberry, AZ. Hope you find some enjoyment in it.

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Mon Mar 14, '05 04:54AM
Uploaded By: Bob Miller  


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Media ID 20120825182258354  
Date Mon Mar 14, '05 04:54AM
Comments 3
Views 1456
Uploaded By Bob Miller
Aperture Value f//22
Date/Time Mon Mar 14, '05 04:54AM
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 I rather like it Bob - wouldn't worry me the amount of sky either as the Route 66 marker post dominates the composition so much.  

I'm with Rob on this, I like it as well. The horizon in the middle doesn't bother me in the least, since the sign dominates the scene and there is a triangular composition element between the old cars and the sign. Nice work I say!

I'm with these two. The sky having so much character and definition to it makes it feel like it deserves to be a focus of the image.

The only thing I kinda wish was here was the base of the signpost. But that's really splitting hairs considering the overall impact you achieved.