South Walney
Another attempt at catching a sunset tonight foiled by yet another low bank of cloud. Fortunately there was some nice light just before it rolled in!

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Tue Aug 21, '12 04:04PM
Uploaded By: Rob Sutherland  


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Media ID 20120821175612149  
Date Tue Aug 21, '12 04:04PM
Comments 3
Views 1241
Uploaded By Rob Sutherland
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Date/Time Tue Aug 21, '12 04:04PM
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It's hard to look at this and think of it as an image "foiled" in any way! It is beautiful and very  impressive. Is it me or are your compositional skills skewing toward the more classic approaches as of late?

Can't say I don't like this development since you have turned out a pair of stunners these past two days! And any glimpse of the English Lake District is like gold to me, since I've never been. By all means, man, keep it up!

What a stunning sunset picture. The clouds really make this one, especially the S-shape opening between the right and lefthand clouds. Great use of foreground, as well.

 Cheers for the comments.

The shift in style is just a side effect of me taking a little more time, and going out to specifically take photographs on a couple of occasions!  The imminent arrival of number 2 child has put any continuation of this trend on pause now for a few days (he was due to make his arrival yesterday but is currently stubbornly refusing to make his debut on this world!)


The most impressive thing, for me, about this photograph is that there isn't a tri-coloured border collie dog in it.  I was having a really hard time keeping him out of the frame, and not putting paw prints right through the image ;-)


Hopefully I will start getting back to my old photography habits in the near future.  Sunrise and sunset are edging towards a more usable range of times for me now, and to be honest I prefer the autumn and winter for photography in this region anyway!