"Fill 'er Up"
This is a wider view of the gas pump I posted earlier. Chloride, AZ. I'm not sure how much the tracks detract from the image here. I could clone them out...What do you think?

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Thu Jul 12, '12 05:46AM
Uploaded By: Bob Miller  


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Media ID 20120802001057908  
Date Thu Jul 12, '12 05:46AM
Comments 8
Views 988
Uploaded By Bob Miller
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Date/Time Thu Jul 12, '12 05:46AM
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Hi Bob - great shot, rustic and colorful. Another "out of time" shot from a bygone era. If it weren't for all the gorgeous color I would suggest a sepia tone!

The tracks do not bother me, but if they bother you I do not recommend cloning them out. Instead I would use a strategy very similar to what you applied for Richard's caged leopard shot this week. Specifically (assuming a recent version of PS): select all, Edit > Transform > Warp, then pull the bottom right anchor point downward until the tracks are gone and the FG is level.

You may need to tweak other anchors to achieve perfection, but clearly it's there for the taking. Without question I would utilize this approach if this awesome shot were mine!

Whilst I was at it I would try to recover some sky from the BG. Your eye saw that detail so why shouldn't the viewer?

My simple and first thought:  What are train tracks doing right in front of a gas station?    So...I guess I thought the tracks were effective in this way.  Although I see the top aligned well horizontally, I notice a tilt at the bottom with the pumps leaning left.  Would the warp align that too?  Love to see if you try this out.  I do not honestly know what to do when a situation is like this..straight at the top and sloping further down???   

Well... Here are the results. Can you tell that it has been worked? As for the sky, it had no detail at all when shot. Very overcast, bright, and non-descript.


Fill 'er Up redo
Fill 'er Up redo

Edited on Thursday, August 02 2012 @ 09:53 AM EDT by bobmiller

Perfecto, Bob!

Looks like your rig initially introduced a bit of lens parallax, and you have now corrected it. So I'm assuming this version is what your eye actually saw on the scene.

I'm sure that meticulous care with a tilt-shift lens could have fixed this on the spot, but in terms of time and money spent, isn't this PP approach a reasonable substitute?

Patrick- The tracks curve around the building as you can see them on the right in the orig post. No lens parallax involved. I think they might have been a narrow gauge line from when the mine was in operation.

Interesting! I did not realize about the curvature of the rail track - the concrete platform for the gas pumps looked slightly tilted upward on the right versus the left. Parallax or no, a tilt-shift lens could have "corrected" this appearance, but I'll keep my $2k and use my Warp tool every time!

Hey Bob. I like the edited version better. I don't mind seeing the tracks in the background, but I prefer them removed for a cleaner foreground. Well done!
Editor, Travel Photographers Network

Bob, a great shot of days gone by, I like the tracks in the foreground and the colors are great.