Pre-Departure Self Portrait
Trimmed my beard and had my hair cut short in preparation for the Zambian climate. At the moment it is a cool 23 degrees there, but it can be very hot and humid later in the year. This should do for the six months that I'll be working there.

I will try to keep posting on TPN, but it depends on the quality of Internet conectivity in Lusaka. I am told that a dongle + ISP subscription can be obtained easily and that quality is good, but I suppose 'good' is a relative concept. I will also do a blog here:

PS Walter made me post this!

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Sat Jul 14, '12 06:42AM
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Media ID 20120714104918376  
Date Sat Jul 14, '12 06:42AM
Comments 2
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Uploaded By Ruud van Ruitenbeek
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Ruud! Wow dude I am impressed (and great job Walter making this post happen ;-).

I can't wait to see your Zambia work and I sure hope you get regular occassion to chime in here. Otherwise you will be missed!

Fair winds to you on your awesome excursion!

 Good for Walter.

Enjoy yourself there.

If you have the chance to go catch Tiger fish on the Zambesi DO IT.