In the Annapurna, Nepal

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Fri Apr 23, '04 05:01AM
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Media ID 20120527120030163  
Date Fri Apr 23, '04 05:01AM
Comments 2
Views 859
Uploaded By unknown
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I really love the layers, the diagonal line from top right to bottom left, and the terraced hillside that makes the foreground stand out. I think this is really well executed. I think you made a good choice in minimizing the sky given how gray and dismal it is. Seeing people working the terraced gardens would add a personalized human element, but when you are touring places like this you don't always have time to wait for that "perfect moment". Well done!

A lot to look at here. First I am drawn to the mountain layers on the horizon and then my attention moves to the hillside. The houses really give a sense of scale. I really enjoyed the large version. Very nice- good job!

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