Chitchat at the tannery, Fes (Morocco)
Fes was a place of considerable importance until recent times, being the depot for the caravan trade from the south and east of the African continent. Nowadays, in the leather Souk, one of the most interesting thing is a visit to the still traditional tanneries. Amazing "smellscape" (in a good and bad way at the same time), fabulous collection of colors and sounds, these tanneries are like a last relic of a past long gone !

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Thu Aug 06, '09 06:55AM
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Media ID 20111218002138700  
Date Thu Aug 06, '09 06:55AM
Comments 3
Views 969
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 nice view of the vats, Morocco is very high up on my list of places to visit, I would like to spend at least a month there... 

 and it's well worth it ! Fes and Rabat were my favorite places, Marrakesh was much too touristy to my taste (it's ruining every possible relationship with the inhabitants as well unfortunately...). Sefrou was also a little ignored heaven/haven !

Nice `composition I like the 2 sitting there and doing ??