Mirogoi, Croatia (retouch)
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Wed Mar 24, '04 12:25PM
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Media ID 20111215191920241  
Date Wed Mar 24, '04 12:25PM
Comments 4
Views 1549
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Ah yes. Much improved. Well done!

I'm with Walter here, Alice - this is beautiful! That pink sky is really riveting. I honestly spent several minutes looking at it and just marveling at the hue. Love it!!

Agreed with the above comments and this place REALLY intrigues me! I had no idea this existed and really makes me want to go that much more to Croatia.   As stated...the colors really work here.   Great adjustment.

 I agree with all the comments, and well done on the retouching...

as Richard states Croatia is on my list of places to visit, and with the patron Saint of travellers on my side, it is next year, along with Tuscany and Umbria in Italy..... booked my tickets already... :-)