Tibetian Woman, Songpan, China
As I was walking through the market area of Songpan (one of my favorite city names and neat place), I was able to quickly take this and felt lucky to capture her face as it is. I am still trying to interpret what she is thinking. I know the baby is out of focus more than I care, but when shooting quickly, things do slip! When I walk around knowing that I likely have to shoot quickly, I set to ISO 400 or 800 and f/4 in AV mode.

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Sun Oct 16, '11 02:30PM
Uploaded By: Richard P Schoettger  


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Media ID 20111214202516547  
Date Sun Oct 16, '11 02:30PM
Comments 2
Views 1095
Uploaded By Richard P Schoettger
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If anything, I think the child is not out of focus enough! The main subject is clearly the woman and the child is just part of the context. I like the vibrant colours and her look. Like you, I am not sure what she's thinking about it all.

I generally agree with Ruud here - the woman is the main focus and she gets the focal spotlight she deserves. The detail on her face and headgear is truly compelling and I can't imagine a better f-stop for that than the one you chose.

I could understand a desire to have "the other human" represented a little less marginally - but I do see options there. I would handle that by making a new layer out of the entire BG (i.e., everything that is not the woman or the child) and darkening that up a fair bit. Then vignette the whole image. That would a) add considerable pop to your subject, b) provide continuity between the two human subjects, and c) further marginalize the BG which holds no interst anyway. A win-win-win in my book!

This may be worth a try just because there isn't much else to attempt towards improving this terrific image - it is really a great portrait, RIchard.