Daxui Mountains First Snow
We experienced the first snow of the year during my last trip through the Daxui Mountain Range in the Sichuan Province of China. This was taken coming down a 4700m pass with the autumn leaves still quite hot while the air was so fresh and clean smelling. I did add a High Key filter to this to purposely give it a little more kick, but hopefully not too much.

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Mon Dec 12, '11 08:25AM
Uploaded By: Richard P Schoettger  


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Media ID 20111212213037200  
Date Mon Dec 12, '11 08:25AM
Comments 2
Views 1259
Uploaded By Richard P Schoettger
Date/Time Mon Dec 12, '11 04:25PM
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Terrific photo Richard, I just love the combination of autumn and winter. The use of pano formatting really creates an almost yin and yang dichotomy. The misty valley beyond doesn't hurt either!

The bisecting parkway is an interesting divider that I bet was originally a railroad. It's a very romantic image you have here and so dramatic. Well done!

 Liking this one, it is a different perspective from the usual landscape style with some great colours counterbalancing the snow.