Lady Eliot Evening
Nautical twilight over the Coral Sea upon the Great Barrier Reef, circa 2000.

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Mon Aug 22, '11 06:22PM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 20111211022344398  
Date Mon Aug 22, '11 06:22PM
Comments 2
Views 1055
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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Quite cool Patrick and love the vignetting effect that blends in with the stars.  I thought too dark in the thumbnail, but I think better suited now as the stars are quite radiant and would likely lose that if the whole image was brighter.   Did you at all try to brighten the clouds a little?  Not saying any good, but was interested. time:  What is nautical twilight?   I see you had talent 11+ years ago too!!  

Thanks Richard!

Technically, nautical twilight is when the sun is between six and twelve degrees below the horizon. Practically, it is that window of early dawn or late dusk when the horizon is light enough to be distinguished, but the sky is dark enough that stars are visible. For many centuries this was important timing for seafaring navigation.

I vignette just about every image that I post, but in this case that effect resulted from the fact that a dozen years ago my lenses were all pretty cheap! I had not yet learned the criticality of superior optics, and as a result I don't have too many good works in my rotation from that time. Only when the optical shortcomings provided for happy accidents like this vignetting, did I come away with enduring image quality. 

Thanks as always for your feedback!