Leading nowhere
Forgotten rail tracks in the Austrian forest. I just realized that the description of the Decay challenge mentioned the current season (Fall) as the inspiration for this theme, so I decided to add an Autumn shot. The blurry part in the foreground was not intended but actually I kinda like the way it leads your eyes along the infinity of metal and up towards the trees. Anyway it's my feeling.

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Sun Nov 13, '11 08:04AM
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Media ID 2011120710160885  
Date Sun Nov 13, '11 08:04AM
Comments 2
Views 919
Uploaded By unknown
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I actually like this as it also says that you viewed something other than how we normally shot from standing up.   I like where you ended up with the focus sharpened at the break in the rail with the leaves on the side.  Great to see the line leading you back into the forest.   These images are some of the trickiest things to display as some like more total focus, some do not.  In this case....I think you represented this well.    Maybe give it a little kick in saturation to bring the leaves out more.   

I second Richard's comments. I think the focal plane is well placed at the break in the rail. I do wonder how this would look if the rail were a little closer to the left or right edge of the frame. It's a little too centered for my taste.