Thornthwaite Church
The first wintery day of the year today - this shot of Thornthwaite Church was taken in a very, very brief interlude when the sun appeared (about 5 minutes in total!)

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Mon Dec 05, '11 09:42AM
Uploaded By: Rob Sutherland  


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Media ID 20111205165729216  
Date Mon Dec 05, '11 09:42AM
Comments 3
Views 1169
Uploaded By Rob Sutherland
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Date/Time Mon Dec 05, '11 04:42AM
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Love your take on light Rob...always a vivid and effective use of the light available.  You certainly caught it at the right time and direction is perfect.  I really like the subtle snow in the background on the hills too to give it more character.  Did you use a filter on camera or with PP or was that the shadows across the top from the sun?    I would have loved to walk that road with you ...wonderful!

Lovely shot, that would be enhanced by lightening the top of the church tower.

 Yep, it was an ND grad thrown on in a rush ;-)

I should have had a go at lightening the tower, you are entirely right Ruud!