The Childrens Hospital
Addington Childrens hospital in Durban South Africa, a sad case of neglect and greed by those in authority... this once excellently run childrens hospital has been allowed to fall into this state of neglect... worse still an NGO from Canada promised a huge amount to help restore, but local greed is holding up the project...

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Sun Nov 27, '11 01:12AM
Uploaded By: Andrew Brown  


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Media ID 2011112815525039  
Date Sun Nov 27, '11 01:12AM
Comments 4
Views 1223
Uploaded By Andrew Brown
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Wow, that is decay alright - on more than one level. This is very apt, Andrew.

Great submission as I certainly assume it is one of those shots which basically was never going to see the light of day unless someone came out with a "Decay" category in a web forum somewhere! Isn't it nice to have the perfect shot for that???

Hiya Patrick,

I was going to use this with another couple of shots for an article on how the authorities have let the place get run down, and somebody else beat me by two weeks, :-(...


Interesting, but sad story. Did you go nearer, or inside, and get some detail shots? There is a whole genre of photography devoted to getting into abandoned buildings, especially hospitals and psychiatric institutions, and documenting the remains. HDR has made a big difference in bringing out the details in some of those dark places.

I see ghosts.....sad commentary and too bad that this is really as common in many countries globally.   You would like to think that someday.......