Kobe Harbour : between tradition and modernity
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Wed Aug 06, '03 01:41AM
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Media ID 20111118161301591  
Date Wed Aug 06, '03 01:41AM
Comments 3
Views 713
Uploaded By unknown
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Alice - Welcome to TPN! Nice postcard shot of Kobe Harbor. I like the left side placement of the Port of Kobe tower and the red boat along the bottom. The shadow area under the boat is quite dark, but I can't tell whether or not the boat hull is supposed to be black. It seems that area of the image is a little dark and could use some fill to bring out a little more detail there.

Editor, Travel Photographers Network

Alice - nice composition; I like the placement of the boat and tower - the contrast of modern and tradition; well done! Sure brings back memories of a summer I spent in the Kobe area in college (a long, long time ago). Overall the image looks a bit dark, lightening it up may help with what Walter's talking about.

Thank you for the feed back.

I agree for the dark look but I guess it didn't really bother me before because I've always imagined harbors as dark places (not in bad sense though), but I'll see if I can do something. Otherwise yes, the hull of the boat is black, hence the dark shadow around it.