Autumn Calmness Version 2
Sani Marina

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Tue Nov 15, '11 10:14AM
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Media ID 20111116211550853  
Date Tue Nov 15, '11 10:14AM
Comments 7
Views 3056
Uploaded By unknown
Aperture Value f//14
Date/Time Tue Nov 15, '11 12:14PM
EXIF Image Height 743 pixels
EXIF Image Width 1122 pixels
Exposure Bias 0.7 EV
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Focal Length 10 mm
ISO 400
Make Pentax
Metering Mode Pattern
Model PENTAX K-5
Sensing Method One Chip Color Area Sensor
Shutter Speed Value 1/125 sec
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I completely feel the mood conveyed with the title, but the isn't much of a subject to focus my attention. I think I would like this more if perhaps there was a lone dory or person fishing to bring some sense of connection to the scene. It certainly does look like a cool, calm autumn day. I just feel it is missing a human connection for me. How do others feel?

Editor, Travel Photographers Network


I agree with you that there was room for a lens correction to level the horizon....... 

As for the fisherman he never comes on request..... in that momentum that was exactly what I had infront of me....I felt the loneliness, the total absence of human beings ....even birds.... the total absence of sounds, and that was what I wanted to depict with precision !

It's frustrating isn't it, that we have to make do with reality! I have often waited for something specific to happen, or not, and then had to give in and take the shot without the fisherman, or the bird, or the little dog lifting its leg, or the clouds to open up, or the downpour to stop, or the downpour to start, or ....

Its true .....but at the end of the day i think there are no rules !

I was there, that was the scene moved me, and made me shoot it and send her to eternity !

This is the game all about !

There is always A ! better....and better is  always very subjective

You are all correct


you are all missing the point here.

The leading lines are missing we need when we photograph is to have something to pull us in.

The photo being shot with the horizen in the centre makes it very very boring and tranquil

If the horizen was either in the the top or bottom 20% of the frame this would be a




Perhaps you are right !

I missed the WOW effect by 20% Smile)

Thank for your comments and time, I will experiment in the future with such variations, in regards to the horizon line !

Yeah, where is the fisherman? Still a nice shot though. I would do some lens correction in PS to straighten the horizon.