nesting material..
I was also quite fortunate to look up and catch this heron with a large twig flying towards it's nest, not the greatest detail, but I like the outline..

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Sat Nov 12, '11 06:29AM
Uploaded By: Andrew Brown  


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Media ID 20111114085853445  
Date Sat Nov 12, '11 06:29AM
Comments 2
Views 1074
Uploaded By Andrew Brown
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Really good catch and quite sharp.  Do you shoot raw?   You can brighten the shadows and try to get some of the detail using Raw Edito,  If JPG, you can also open with Raw Editor and do the same thing, but generally better if raw...that is why I shoot raw in case of too dark or too bright.  What lens did you use?  I like the way you left room to the left for him to fly into...nice.   I just do not find that "bedding" too comfortable!!  Good catch!

Hiya Richard,

thanks, I always shoot in RAW, and this has already been treated with the RAW processing... unfortunately it was a pretty gloomy day, (I think the blue above the bird was the only blue sky visible..), hence I have removed all the shadow I can...and pushed the highlights as high as possible.. I was using spot metering and I think the reading was incorrect for the actual subject, hence it was F5 at 1/4000th sec, also ISO was 400, so I didn't get as much light as I wanted..

I was using a ef70-200 f 2.8. IS... at 200mm...