Windpoint Lighthouse in Racine, WI
HDR and I Played with the colors and I like it. What do you think?

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Sun Nov 13, '11 08:50PM
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Media ID 20111113215027392  
Date Sun Nov 13, '11 08:50PM
Comments 4
Views 1236
Uploaded By unknown
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Hi Cindy,

I like it, it appears to me as if you have gone very slightly surreal with the glow around the top of the lighthouse and off the vegetation... did you do any post HDR processing in Ps or leave it as is?..


Andrew,  Yes HDR and then I played with the colors. Smile))))

I'm guessing this is saturated at about 20% as well, which really gives it pop.

This is a very successful effort in post...helped by a great vision at the shutter!

Cindy....I really like the level of saturation and colors that came out in the image.    The positioning of the lighthouse is very good as well.   My only thing was that my eye went to the white glow around the top of the lighthouse first.  Was that intended?   It would be interesting to see what it would be like to maintain the sky darkness around the top?????   I love very well done!