Pandas at Play
A must for Sichuan are the pandas. The region now has 50 reserves for pandas as the earthquake in 2008 devastated much of the natural region, especially with the bamboo. We visited the reserve at Ya'an and were delighted with the young pandas having fun. Although disappointed not to really have a chance to find in the wild, China seems to be providing these effective reserves as the grounds were well tended and all the pandas in suitable environments.

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Fri Oct 07, '11 10:49AM
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Media ID 20111113072753198  
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This is a great take on the natural playfulness of these exotic creatures and I wish there were more of them!

It used to be one of my dreams to someday spot pandas in the wild. I honestly doubt if this is even possible anymore, at least for a westerner. Did you get the sense during your visit that these rare animals are off-limits or just unreachable in their natural environs, Richard?