Richard Schoettger
A big Happy Travels to all the members and visitors to the TPN. For the last 30 years, I have placed my focus in life wandering the world and seeing everything I can get my eyes on. It was only since 2006 that I decided to take up photography and combining that with travel, my life's passions are realized. I have set foot on all 7 continents and have seen over 80 countries of which has only partially satisfied my soul. I regret the life I live will be too short to see it all!!

I actually work in the software industry being at a fraud company for over 11 years now. I am born and raised a Nebraska boy and spent most of my adult life living in San Diego, but recently, my company allowed me to migrate to Singapore for a few years and that is where I am today. This has allowed me to EXPLODE affordably in my travels and have been to 5 different locations over the past 1.5 years. Amazing how not flying halfway around the world can make a trip so much more affordable!

I am now 58, but the bones still keep on pounding the pavement...just getting a little creaky now! I am married now to a wonderful woman from Russia, who also enjoys traveling and actually puts up with me quite well (we all know what photographers are like!)

My only thought to share with you all is the saying that I mentioned in an article recently: A traveler is, in the end, a sensualist - more honestly human, perhaps; more openly passionate in the response to the world than the person who only occasionally peers above the rut he or she has dug along the course of workaday life at home.

Now...go SEE THE WORLD! (You are all also always welcome at my place anytime you want...just give me a ring!)

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Fri Oct 21, '11 07:36AM
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Date Fri Oct 21, '11 07:36AM
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Hiya Richard, nice to see you posting here at last....

I love your photography, and always read your comments... and when I am in Singapore, I will be contacting you...


I second what Andrew says. It is great to put a face to the name. I really enjoy your photography and your comments on the work of others.

This is a great photo of you Richard, though I think I will forever associate you most with the photo of you and Twyla hand-signaling "Seven!" on Antarctica from your August 2011 cover story ;-)

I love your work and am so glad that you are posting here on TPN3. You bring a lot of credit to the site, and credibility to the rest of us, with your many contributions here.

Thanks all and I am very happy to be involved with this site and share the passions we have in our lives.   I actually have a little bit of a phobia about someone taking a picture of ME, so it took me awhile.    I hope I can just maintain the high level of quality images and travel you all have and love exchanging the comments and ideas.  I look forward to much more and would love to actually meet and shoot with you someday.   I actually met Rob here in Singapore this past weekend, but we had a very crappy, rainy day!!  So, not much luck there, but it was great to meet someone finally whom I knew through this site.  Brings the world alot closer!  

Hi Richard,


I did not know how to email you directly regarding my picture.  I did post a reply on the Santorini Greece picture. 




Cindy Garwood

Richard It is great seeing the face behind the comments and of course photographs.

As you say living where you are today does make it a lot easier to travel to different destinations.

Your photographs enspire new photographers and challenge the older (also age) photographers.

Hopefully we will meet sometime somewhere in the not to long future

Keep shooting