View through a portal on a covered bridge in Maine.

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Sat Oct 14, '06 11:56AM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 20111109220625357  
Date Sat Oct 14, '06 11:56AM
Comments 2
Views 933
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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Hey Patrick,

I really like the composition here.   Has a very appealing feeling...makes me want to go an a haystack ride!  Smell the autumn air combined with the barn!  What was  your aperture setting?   My only thought to make this perfect was to bring the foreground into focus more.  Otherwise...great eye!

 Hi Richard, welcome back! The aperture here was f5.6. I shot this at several exposures and even did focus bracketing with the idea that I could mix and match the components in post for optimal effect. But in the end I felt this native single exposure was the best one - I decided that I like the FG softness because it keeps focus on the trees through the portal. The detail in the wood beams seemed to compete with that. It wasn't bad that way but to me this felt better. But maybe I should go back and double check :-)