Windmills - A Repost What do you think of this one?
I'm reposting this image with the adjustments that were recommened. It seems you can't repost another picture with your original picture. If you can please tell me how.

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Wed Sep 21, '11 10:25PM
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Media ID 20110921222524406  
Date Wed Sep 21, '11 10:25PM
Comments 5
Views 1389
Uploaded By unknown
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Just make sure you are signed in, open the image from the gallery, and there will be a link at its base that says "Edit". Click this and you will see the option to replace image with a browse-to function.

The sky is here is less burned out though now the clouds are hot spots. I did not realize Mikonos has manual flour mills still. I am hoping to visit there in 2013 for the first time.

Hi Cindy,

I far prefer this image, and a great one of some old flour mills on the island...

 ... what I learnt, (because I also used to get the pale sky effect), was that in bright conditions, if I used spot metering without getting a number of different values and averaging them, I would often get an 'overexposed' shot in which I would lose the blue sky. 

I had to smile at your comment about feeling bad about holding up groups while you use a tripod and get the settings right... I now never do the group tour, it's always on my own or just with my girlfriend, so I can take as long as I want...


I did go to the edit button but it seemed that if I went to repost my new photo I would lose the original one that I posted.  Maybe not.  I'm going to try it.   This site is more confusing than NPN and I don't like the fact that I don't get emails in my inbox when someone writes a response to a picture.  Is there a setting I'm missing?  I looked but did not find. 

Thanks for your help and I do like this photo better.



I was with a group of friends traveling and you know you have to give and take on these once in a lifetime trips.  Normally my husband and I do our own thing too.    So that being said sometimes I'm rushed and sometimes not.   We have all been there Wink


When we were in Venice we were there for 4 days and did one guided tour that was GREAT as I told you.  You learn a Ton of info that you would not have heard otherwise. 

And thanks for helping me on my picture.





Hi Cindy,

I agree with the others that this is an improvement. Pulling some more color into the sky makes a significant difference. It is a shame the clouds are burned out, but this is still much improved.

The site does not current have a feature that lets you get an email when someone comments on your image, but the next release does. I have tested it and it works, but the next version is still under development.

TPN definitely has a steeper learning curve than NPN. That was a choice I made when I selected the software that runs the site. I know how NPN works as I was once a staff member there. I wanted this site to be more feature rich and be more condusive to running an online publication. NPN articles are all static HTML pages. That makes it hard to maintain sitewide indexes and publish new content. The site software running TPN provides is a content management system that provides full-site search and indexing, allows members to submit articles, and lets you integrate your media (pictures) into any other content like forums, articles and comments using "autotags".

You can include a picture in a comment to your own picture akin to a "repost" using the "media" autotag. It requires that you first upload the picture to an album, then reference it with "media" autotag. Here is the format for the media autotag. It must be placed between square brackets. I can't show the square brackets below or the site would process it rather than display it as I want for illustration.

[media:ID width:NNN link:1 border:0]

Below every picture in the galleries in the lower left corner is an ID number made up of about 12 digits. That is the number that goes in place of "ID" after the "media:" label. The NNN after with width label should be how many pixels wide you want the image to appear.

Look below the left corner of your image above where it says "Image X of Y" and below that there is a very long string of digits. That string of digits is the image ID in the TPN image database. The "media" autotag uses that ID to display your picture. So to repost your image you could place the following between square brackets in a comment to your original image post and the image above would appear in that comment

media:20110921222524406 width:600 link:1 border:0

And here is how it would look in the comment.

Windmills - A Repost What do you think of this one?

This is what we use each week to include the images in our weekly moderator pick posts. I admit this is a much more complicated method of doing things than NPN. If you stick with it and pick up a couple of these "more complicated" features, it does help in the end. It lets us only upload an image once and then use it anywhere we want in the site (for example as thumbnails in articles).

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Cindy I prefer this shot to the original post.

I would try it as B/W .

And yes I agree the NON ability of recieving mails when you get a comment is

something that I sincerely hope they will add shortly.

You have some great stuff there and its great to see new works up on the site

AVI  Wink