Flour Mills
Mykonois Greece - HDR

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Wed Jun 29, '11 07:39AM
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Media ID 20110921111436162  
Date Wed Jun 29, '11 07:39AM
Comments 4
Views 1355
Uploaded By unknown
Aperture Value f//13
Date/Time Wed Jun 29, '11 03:39AM
EXIF Image Height 705 pixels
EXIF Image Width 1115 pixels
Exposure Bias 0.67 EV
Flash No Flash
Focal Length 24 mm
ISO 200
Make Nikon Corporation
Metering Mode Pattern
Model NIKON D300S
Sensing Method One Chip Color Area Sensor
Shutter Speed Value 1/100 sec
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I love the composition, but the sky could use some adjusting. You might try lowering the luminance in the blue and/or cyan color channels to see if that restores some color. You also might try highligh recovery.

Editor, Travel Photographers Network

Beautiful composition that could look like a classic timeless scene with maybe B&W sepia treatment. What a rustic and charming locale - I really hope to get to this place in my lifetime.

I do agree with Walter about the sky, like the Venice sky on your other landscape earlier this week. I think a graduated neutral density filter should become part of your gear rotation because you sure do have the eye for composition.

Alternatively if you don't have any GNDs but do have a tripod, bracketing multiple exposures and then HDRing your shots recovers a great deal of dynamic range in my experience. Could be useful in cases like this.

Hey Guys,

This was done with 2 exposures in Nik Software HDR.  I do use a tripod 95% of the time when I shoot.  This was done with a tripod.    I do have filters but when I'm traveling with multi people it's kinda hard to mess around with all that stuff.  I feel bad enough holding people up. 


I'm going to do some adjusting to it and repost it.  Can you re-post your a previous post?


Thanks again for your comments they are always helpful.  Smile


I use a tripod only the other 5% of the time I think. I generally do not have the discipline for HDR so I use GNDs.

If you are using Nik software then you've got the best. I hope 2 exposures is enough for more tweaking, I have had frustrations with less than three.

You could always do a manual blend if you want. Thanks for posting this photo!