Good Day Sunshine
Finally a rain of four days duration pushed offshore, and as it did so the low morning sun emerged behind my location.

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Sun Jul 11, '10 11:50AM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 20110918000148412  
Date Sun Jul 11, '10 11:50AM
Comments 3
Views 1002
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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Well Patrick, I have actually tried to add a comment to this about 6-7 times (that is why the high viewing!!), but I keep having my SIngpaore issue get in the way, which drops me all the time.   Anyway, I really wanted to let you know how much I really love this image and have stood in this spot several times for minutes on end during sunrise and sunset....a very magical place.   You certainly captured that magic much better than I ever did as the rainbow, sun and rough seas really capture this setting and hopefully worth the wait in those prior stormy days.   I still smell the area, feel the wind and appreciate you contribution here!  Excellent image!  

What great timing getting that rainbow! Great color and comp as well. I hope I get to visit in person some day.

Thanks Richard and Bob.

That rainbow lasted about ten minutes, and early on I could see that the rain squall producing it was not threatening to dry up while also the part in the clouds seemed slow moving. So I walked all around until I could frame it up this way, and managed quite a few rapid-fire shots with this composition. But I did not manage to then, upon getting greedy, set up a variable neutral density filter to burn in the scene so that the water looked becalmed, and almost pastel.

That would have been my dream shot, but I really am happy to have this one anyway ;-)