Fishing for Whales
While whale watching out of Juneau, Alaska, I saw this humpback whale ready to sound as it passed this fisherman, who was concentrating on his gear, apparently missing this giant passerby. This was the third of 4 shots as the whlat arched his tail and dove.

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Wed Jul 07, '10 05:53PM
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Media ID 20110917153805842  
Date Wed Jul 07, '10 05:53PM
Comments 4
Views 988
Uploaded By unknown
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Holy mackerel! Congrats Jim on this astounding shot as it is the only one I have ever seen quite like it. Really puts the immediacy of the event into a narrow perspective and that feels like a huge accomplishment.

What does it mean for a whale to be "ready to sound"?? That's a new one on me. I have never seen humpback whales or specifically gone whale-watching, so I am curious about this.

Great shot!

Thanks for the great feedback.  It is rare to be in the right place at the right time with the right lens on your camera.  A whale "sounds" or dives deep and can stay down for a long time.  Normally as a whale travels along you see it's back in a gentle curve and it resurfaces every few minutes a little farther along in its Parth and you usually don't see the tail or only a small portion of it.  When a humpback gets ready to dive (sound)you see it arch its back into more of a U shape and as it goes down the tail comes out of the water and is near perpendicular at the end. JC

Good capture of this and especially since the guy did not know what was behind him.   The tail's significance in respect to the boat really tells the tale (tried to stay away from the pun...sorry).    Great ad for the name of the boat too!   The only thing I would suggest to make this even better is to straighten out the horizon and see how that works.    Look forward to more of your work.

 Wonderful photo!  It is a playful reminder that we all need to be more aware of our surroundings.  You can also correct the spelling of the title by editing.