Golden Silk Spider
by Roberto Ojeda

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Thu Sep 15, '11 02:39PM
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Media ID 20110915143956333  
Date Thu Sep 15, '11 02:39PM
Comments 2
Views 909
Uploaded By unknown
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I really like this photo Roberto...I love the angle and composition along with the wonderful details you brought out.  I have never seen one of these and actually they are quite beautiful.   Thanks for posting...really great work.

I think I would prefer a slightly broader depth o field on this. Something to bring out details on the legs.

However at least you got the focus exactly right! I get complaints all the time out here for supposedly missing the precise focal target. There's no way to criticize you for that here.

Not that anyone has suggested it, but I don't think you should ever go B&W with this. The lighting you got here is extremely special, mainly because of the colors.

All in all really terrific!