Hot Hot afternoon in Miami
by Roberto Ojeda

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Thu Sep 15, '11 02:38PM
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Media ID 20110915143807572  
Date Thu Sep 15, '11 02:38PM
Comments 7
Views 817
Uploaded By unknown
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Such an alien looking image and very well done.  I am not sure it is an extreme environment because of the sun or all the elecritcal and phone lines.   Seems it would be hazardous to be among all of this if you were to stay along time!  I love the color too....great.

Fabulous colours and the time of the photo well selected !!! Smile

Hi Roberto, welcome to TPN and thanks for posting such an awesome image!

This was clearly at least a 400mm lens and I'm thinking probaboly 800. What did  you do to get this image?

Hi and thank you all for the nice comments. This image was shot with a Sony Alpha NEX5, with an adapted Tamron 70-300mm (nikon mount), I took the photo at 300mm but the adapter tube extended the lens even further. Smile

WOW! Very cool shot. Love the compression. Great color too!

I'm guessing you took it through an open window?  Just Beautiful.

Thank you for the comments! actually I was driving and stopped the car in the middle lane with the emergency lights for 3 minutes so I can capture the shot Smile