Walter Rowe
I am an IT professional by training with over 25 years experience in public and private sector IT. I've had a passion for photography all my life and started a side business doing it professionally in 2003. I'm a member, moderator or owner at multiple photo communities. I'm also owner and editor of Travel Photographers Network. I've traveled mostly inside the United States, but hope to do more foreign travel in the coming years. I'm married with no kids. My wife is also in the technology field. This photograph was taken at Winterthur Estate in Delaware in September 2009. It is my personal favorite self-portrait.

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Fri Sep 25, '09 04:51PM
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Media ID 20110730131448381  
Date Fri Sep 25, '09 04:51PM
Comments 2
Views 1846
Uploaded By Walter Rowe
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Nice portrait and great to see you .

This will be a wonderfull oppertunity to meet all on the sight and maybe a few in person Wink

Hello Walter, the idea of "Introduce yourself" is brilliant as we can now put a face to names and learn a few things about each other ... ! You have been kind enough to extend my subscription for 3 months and I would take this opportunity to thank you again Smile